Continuous Feedback From Employees And Managers

continuous improvement

Continuous Feedback From Employees & Managers

Learn how feedback helps your team or company continuously improve


Obtaining feedback is a qualitative approach to finding out some of the strengths and weaknesses within your company, and finding areas of improvement down to an individual-level.

Whether you’re a manager, executive, or employee, obtaining constructive criticism is always a must in order to further expand your skillset. Continuous feedback is not a new method, by any means, but it’s becoming a trackable and quantifiable way to see a person’s skillset flourish, or at least the opinions behind someone’s skillset within the organization.

There are occasions where critiques and feedback are subjective, but obtaining a mass influx of feedback and converting it into data can give a precise performance evaluation.

This is one of the true benefits of using an employee feedback system, as it helps with performance reviews and having an overlook (along with crowdsourced feedback) of an employee’s performance. Whether it was in the past quarter, year, or couple of years, having this view of an employee’s performance can prove that they are excelling in the workplace.

In the era of big data and analytics; it’s becoming vital to have a system in place to view historical data and critiques of your skillset. The age of the quantifiable employee is here, and having the a growing skillset is not only great for personal growth, but it’s also helping with job promotions and organizational culture.


How Organizational Culture Affects Feedback Precision

The organization, department, and even the culture around the office, will determine whether or not employees are more likely to give feedback or not.

There are a lot of internal factors that will determine whether or not people feel comfortable critiquing their peers, or even obtaining critique from others. It’s up to the high-level managers to preach the benefits of constant critique, and let their employees know that there is no risk in being completely open and honest when giving people feedback.

A company’s culture is going to determine the threshold of feedback along with the consistency and quality of the feedback.

It comes down to having employees, regardless of hierarchy, that are open to helping one another. Though egos and pride will always creep their way into the office, having a place or system to have a good and healthy exchange among peers is always a plus.

On the other end of the spectrum, it’s just as important for all employees and managers to provide commentary on how they feel about the direction of the company as a whole, along with how they feel certain departments are performing and how they can do better.


Getting Feedback From Employees About The Company

To piggyback off of the earlier statement, it’s important for employees to provide their feedback on departments along with the company as a whole.

This will not only help with giving leadership a concrete view of their organizational goals and structure, but it will also help them make decisions that will shake up (in a positive manner) an organization and allow for growth.

There is no better way to find faults within your organization than through finding out what’s going on through an employee’s eye. Whether it’s anonymous or completely open, having a way to obtain information from a large (internal) group of employees allows better decision-making and can help clear up any problems within the organization.

The most important bit of information that you can obtain is finding out what your company, as a whole, can do to improve employee engagement.

A highly engaged organization can boost individual productivity and employee satisfaction. Leading to more innovation and higher employee retention rates. So, giving employees a voice through having a continuous feedback tool set in a place can help with an organization’s success.

Improve employee engagement and find great ways to make your company and team better through obtaining feedback.

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