How To Be More Productive At Work, Easily.

How To Be More Productive At Work, Easily.
how to improve your productivity in a couple of simple ways

Everyone wants to know how to be more productive at work and life. Psychologists have even theorized that one of the leading causes of anxiety and depression is that a person is not reaching their full potential quick enough.

This phenomenon is known as the self-discrepancy theory. Which is still in the process of being tested, but it’s pretty difficult to measure in the workplace. Stress at work is reaching new highs, productivity as a whole is improving, but engagement are at all time lows.

Data is proving that people are being overworked, underpaid, and individuals are burning out and being less productive; causing retention problems across North America.

Here's how productivity is being affected across north america

Unfortunately, there’s nothing being done about having companies that don’t believe in holacracy and transparency.

From an individual standpoint, you can still reinvent yourself to be more productive and it’ll benefit you in the long run. Hopefully, you can get into a great position where you can make the people around you better and more productive.

Manage Time Properly

Life optimization is the key to having a productive and successful career. Managing time is one of those things that may sound like a hassle, but it takes a couple of minutes to set up your week.

The thing to get out of this is that you’ll make sure that people value your time, as you’re solely focused on a specific task at the moment. Organizing things before you begin doing them is a great way prioritize your tasks and plan out how you’re going to spend your days.

If someone needs to schedule a call with you, there are plenty of tools that allow you to book time slots within your e-calendar.

Perfect planning makes everything easier for you as an individual and even helps others understand that what you do is valuable and that your work priorities are in-line.

Why Organizing Everything Matters

They don’t call businesses ‘organizations’ for nothing. The fact that hundreds of people are able to come together and run a business in an organized fashion is phenomenal and the best ones shave less friction and more transparency.

So, as an individual you have to sit back and ask yourself: Do I have things blocking me from perhaps accomplishing more?

It maybe something as simple as breaking a bad habit or getting rid of a work app or tool that annoys you. But give yourself less friction and more openness to do more.

Organizing different aspects of your workflow will allow you to grow as a person and see how your personality type fits in with the culture of the office. As you’ll be able to accomplish more to see if a company appreciates you.

Though that may sound cynical, there are some companies that don’t appreciate or recognize people correctly. That’s why it’s vital to get quick feedback via faster performance reviews.

Healthy Lifestyle

The healthiest people are often uber productive. If you want to look at a perfect fictional character, it would have to be Bruce Wayne. He achieves peak physical and mental shape, in order to kick bad guys’ butts and run a multi-billion dollar company by day.

Now on to the real world. People are being to be healthier now more than ever. There’s a large obesity problem that is affecting the way that people work and live.

Things like ‘walking around the park’ are physical activities, as opposed to leisure. Society has changed a lot.

However, having a well-balanced diet and exercising does a lot more than get you ready to look good at the beach. Exercising boosts cardiovascular activity and keeps blood flowing through your body. Allowing your body and mind to work at full force.

Keep those endorphins kicking and make sure that you are on top of your game. Also, invest in having healthy food in and out of your office. Superfoods improve your brain activity and bodily functions. Just do some digging around the internet, and you can find some amazing stuff.


There are new herbal medicines that are allowing for entrepreneurs and hyper-productive individuals to get more out of their brains. Nootropics have been all the rave of late, as they are essentially multivitamins for your brain.

Allowing you to concentrate better, recollect things easier, and relax more during stressful times.

Though it may seem like something out of the film limitless, it’s just simple herbal medicines that we lack because of our diets.

  • Caffeine + L-Theanine
  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • Piracetam + Choline

The only thing to be careful with is taking too much caffeine. So no taking caffeine pills and coffee! The last thing you want is an overworked and unhealthy heart.

Of course, you may want to consult with a physician before taking any of these things.

So at the end of the day, being more productive is solely about keeping a sound body and mind, but more importantly, keeping everything organized so you can ease through stressful situations.

Tough habits are hard to break, but all it takes is a couple of weeks for change to ensue. So good luck being more productive in and out of work!

Any Tips On How To Be More Productive At Work?

There are of course more tips that you can apply to be a better individual. However, how else can you improve the way you do things?

Leave us some comments below!

Jeffrey Fermin is a leader in the HR Tech industry, he spends his collaborating with multiple companies to help come up with solutions that will improve the modern-day workplace.


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