Help Your Employees Continuously Improve With Our New Feature

Help Your Employees Continuously Improve With Our New Feature
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WIRL Online Corporation, an innovator of cloud-based, employee feedback and performance management software, is proud to announce the release of Goals to its industry leading continuous feedback solution.

“We built our business on continuous feedback and improvement, so naturally we listened to what our customers and business leaders wanted, and how we could help their performance management process improve. There is a real pain in how existing software companies implement goals and OKRs – they’re inflexible, highly administrative, and ultimately result in low buy-in and engagement from employees. This is what the market has told us, and this is what we’re solving,” says Larissa Holmes, VP Customer Development at WIRL.

The Goals feature was designed around WIRL’s passion for employee empowerment. Employees will be able to define their goals and update them in real-time, so they are immediately bought in and are continuously measuring their progress. This saves time and administrative nightmares for managers while resulting in increased engagement for employees. Additionally, progress on team and company goals can be visible to anyone, allowing the small victories to be celebrated en route to the end goal.

“Our existing customers have tested out Goals and literally cannot wait until they can implement it. They don’t want to go another performance review cycle with their existing softwares or spreadsheets. It’s an exciting time for our company as this feature takes us one step closer on our mission to help people improve continuously and ultimately achieve fulfillment,” says Holmes.

About WIRL:

WIRL is a Software as a Service platform that focuses on empowering employees and their organizations through performance management solutions. WIRL solves the pains of performance reviews and helps organizations develop a culture of continuous improvement by making it radically simple for any employee to provide or request feedback from anyone inside or outside of the organization at anytime. WIRL aggregates this feedback through advanced reporting capabilities and provides actionable insights for employees and the organization to improve continuously. With its new feature of Goals, WIRL helps employees, teams and companies input, track and celebrate their goals, allowing the performance review process to be managed simply in one central location.

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