6 Apps Employees Actually Like Using That Boost Engagement

6 Apps Employees Actually Like Using That Boost Engagement
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Tired of planning endless team bonding excursions and spending a large chunk of your budget dollars on employee perks? Maybe it’s time to let technology take the lead and get some apps that can boost employee engagement in your workplace. Download any of these 6 apps and your employees will totally be ready to pop the question! (Wait, not that kind of engaged…)

1. Wunderlist

wunderlist app employee engagement

Wunderlist makes it super easy to track your to-do lists, and is available as a phone app, a computer app, and a browser plugin.

This app is amazing for keeping your employees engaged because it makes it easy to share your to-do lists with others, which keeps people on track when getting work done. No more back-and-forth emails, scrolling through long chats, or – dare I say – using whiteboards.

2. Instagram

instagram app employee engagement

Your employees are probably wasting a bunch of time scrolling through Instagram on their own anyways, so why not make it actually useful for their work?

Get your staff involved in a company Instagram! Feature them in pictures or have them submit their own. This is a double hitter in terms of engagement – not only does it get employees feeling like they’re a part of a company culture, but it shows it off to prospective talent hires too!


wirl app employee engagement
Staff can feel stuck in a rut after doing the same work over and over without any sort of feedback on their progress. Luckily, WIRL is all about feedback!

With WIRL, you can simply request or give feedback to any of the staff at work (including managers!) so that you can find out how you’re doing and also help others improve. Too scared to tell them up front? Turn on anonymity so you can at least get the message across!

4. WorkHardAnywhere

workhardanywhere app employee engagement

A recent trend for workplace engagement has been allowing for remote working. If you feel like your employees are craving a chill Google-style office but your budget can’t exactly afford it, this may be perfect for you. Giving your staff the ability to work from anywhere gives you that cool-boss edge that makes employees feel that much better doing work.

WorkHardAnywhere lets you browse for workspaces with filters like lighting brightness, number of power outlets, number of seats, parking availability, and price. Most places are cafes, but you can also filter by library or coworking space!

5. Meetup

meetup app employee engagement

Finding meetups on meetup.com are a great way to get people in your company involved in their work and meet other professionals in similar fields. Paying for some staff to go to events here and there (or if you’re on a bit of a money crunch, promoting free ones) will get them to talk about their work outside the office and get a deeper understanding of the industry.

6. Your Own App!

blueprint app employee engagement

Okay this one is a bit of a cop-out, I apologize.

A home and apparel company I recently worked for (that I unfortunately cannot disclose the name of) actually developed an inter-company communication app to share styling ideas, company updates, and inspirational stories.

If your design team thinks they can whip together an app (or maybe learn to use an app designer) this could be an awesome way to get everyone to become a brand advocate within the company. Employees can share their sales success stories, photos from events, and fun updates.

Honourable mention:

slack app employee engagement

Slack is also great for this! Under a #general or #random category, you can allow your staff to communicate about anything, work-related or not.

Ready to take your office relationships to the next level? Propose the use of these apps to your colleagues, and you’ll be engaged in no time.

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