How To Increase Employee Engagement

How To Increase Employee Engagement
how to increase employee engagement and productivity with a couple of simple steps

Companies must learn how to increase employee engagement. There is a rising trend of employee disengagement worldwide. According to Gallup, only 13% of employees worldwide were engaged to their work in 2013.

Disengaged employees have a detrimental effect in the workplace as they do not contribute towards the company’s growth in any way. Engaging your employees should be a top priority as this ensures your employees are invested in the job.

That is why corporations are seeking out ways to communicate with their employees. Getting proper feedback from employees helps pinpoint the problems they are facing and determine any remedies.

how to increase employee engagement as shown by these statistics

Effective Communication Between Team Members

Benefits of communicating with employees are well known. If you are a distant and cold employer, you can never expect your employees to put in their best efforts.

Proper communication also reduces the risk of miscommunication and misinterpretation by both parties. Feedback is an important aspect of communication between the employee and employer because it gives them a common ground to express what they think.

The organization can provide valuable guidance and voice his expectations through  continuous feedback. The employee can remove his doubts and express his opinions about the workplace through his feedback.

employee engagement statistics

The mechanism which feedback is delivered is also important. Poor feedback delivery almost always results in poor communication. Employees may not be able to understand what employers expect or may think they have no opinion on the projects.

Without a proper feedback delivery system, messages may get filtered out before they reach the company and this may result in a hostile environment in the workplace where both parties think they were wronged. This will lead to increased turnover and a greater number of leave applications from the employees.

How Feedback Can Improve Employee Engagement

Effective and on-time feedback is essential for any progressive workplace. Companies with high profits are also the ones with high employee engagement rates.

These companies have also abolished the annual performance reviews and instead introduced regular feedback programs. Studies have shown that employees with high engagement rates receive feedback once a week. Receiving proper feedback also proves that people are engaging with, and also appreciating their work.

One way to ward off disengagement at a workplace is to ask the employees what engages them. Learning what engages your employees can help you make the necessary changes at your place of work.

Are your employees happy? Do they wish something about the workplace was different?  Employees also have some expectations about the work they have to perform at the workplace.

If the expectations are not met, it might lead to discontent and disengagement from work. Taking feedback from an employee who is leaving your company is the best way to gauge what might be wrong. A proper feedback platform can help your employees voice their concerns before they spiral out of control.

How Feedback Empowers Employees

Feedback is not a one-way street. Giving and receiving feedback is critical to the success of the company.

In a recent study, it was shown that two-way communication improves the quality of the work delivered by employees, as they feel more empowered. Employees crave feedback as it gives them a sense of purpose for doing the job.

If an employee feels ignored by his immediate superior or that no one appreciates his work, he is twice as likely to be disengaged. Employees are more prone to slacking off in workplaces if they know that there is no proper monitoring of their work.

Positive feedback can go a long way as it motivates the employees to work harder. Employees will feel like a part of the corporation if they receive proper accolades.

With proper feedback, they can also mend their ways before it becomes irreversible. Regular and constructive feedback will also ensure that employees become self-dependent.

They will ask for permission and exact parameters of the task less, and if something goes wrong, they will know from the feedback.

Through constant feedback between team members, employees can actually become more confident about themselves. They will also perform better as a team as they grow to trust one another.


How Constant Feedback Can Help Your Team

WIRL is simple and easy to use solution for sending and receiving continuous feedback.

With WIRL, you can send and receive meaningful feedback to anyone, anytime. This complete freedom in exchange of feedback helps in creating a sense of unity among the team members.

Employees will also get feedback not only from their employers but from fellow employees too. This gives them an opportunity to view their work through the eyes of others and work towards their goals. Through our feedback tolerance level, you can set how you would like to receive feedback – everywhere from “Be Gentle” to “Give me the Bare Knuckle Truth.”

WIRL can either replace or supplement the annual employee review. WIRL allows you to analyze feedback to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and scopes of improvement.

You can perform this analysis at the employee level, team level or even at the company level. This analysis will tell you if your employees are doing what they do best.

How To Increase Employee Engagement 

WIRL is one of the few feedback tools on the market that supports the structure of a Holocracy powered organization. Many corporations who were willing to switch to a feedback-driven workplace, but had a holocracy powered organization, could not find the proper software. With WIRL, both traditional, flat and  Holocracy structures can reap the benefits of continuous feedback.

Visit WIRL today to request a demo of the software and experience first-hand how it works.

Jeffrey Fermin is a leader in the HR Tech industry, he spends his collaborating with multiple companies to help come up with solutions that will improve the modern-day workplace.


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