Mentoring the future of HR

Mentoring the future of HR

I came across this post about ‘Why you should be mentoring future HR professionals’ by Andrea Devers and found it to be a timely read as I recently became a mentor through the HR alumni association of one of my alma maters (go Rams!).I’ve been fortunate to have a strong mentor since my early 20s, and as we embarked on this journey of bringing WIRL to the world, I’ve met with some brilliant minds that have advised us on navigating the HR and startup landscape. There is no doubt that mentorship and advice have significantly contributed to our growth. This is one of the reasons I mentor individuals – to give back – or as I discussed with my mentee – the principal of reciprocity.

The second reason, is that mentoring future HR professionals is inline with my (and WIRL’s) mantra of empowering employees. Some mentors coach and some mentors advise, but the best ones I’ve had – EMPOWER. If I’m confused, they ask the right questions for me to come up with an answer. If I ask for help, they provide me with options to choose and ultimately make a decision. These techniques work incredibly well, because they empower the mentee to find a solution seemingly on their own. Hopefully these can make an impression on future HR leaders and they can bring them to their workplaces.

Empowering employees can be extremely fulfilling. As a business we empower through continuous feedback. As an individual I empower through mentorship.


Have any great stories about mentoring the future of HR? Have any great stories as a mentee and future HR leader? Feel free to contact me at to share!
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