Continuous Feedback and Goals to Help Your People Improve Continuously.




Set Your Feedback Tolerance

Everyone is unique when it comes to receiving feedback. WIRL allows your staff to set their individual feedback tolerance – anywhere from “I can be sensitive” to “Give me the bare knuckled truth”. Any time anyone provides feedback, personalized coaching will appear that will guide the feedback provider to give appropriate feedback based on the receiver’s tolerance setting.


 Request Feedback Easily, Anytime

Anyone can request feedback from anyone in the organization, anytime. Your people can check in to see how they’re performing on a specific skill, project or role. Users will be notified as soon as the feedback is provided, and it will be organized beautifully on their dashboard. The best part? You can ask for feedback outside your organization! Use the external feedback feature to request feedback from a client, customer, or stakeholder.





Provide Feedback Easily, Anytime

Anyone can provide feedback to anyone in the organization, anytime. Whether it’s your colleague, team leader, manager, or even the CEO, WIRL wants to empower everyone with the ability to help others continuously improve. Not too great at this? Not to worry, WIRL coaches your people to provide feedback simply and effectively in every situation.



Analyze Feedback Easily, Anytime

As if tracking feedback wasn’t enough, WIRL Reports organizes it all into beautiful, customizable graphs and charts that allow you to analyze individual, team, and company skills. Use the reports to identify strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge-sharing opportunities throughout the organization. When management needs to see stats, generate Excel-compatible reports by month, quarter, or year, and export with the click of a button.






WIRL now has Goals! We still love feedback, but we want your people to be able to continually challenge themselves and celebrate their achievements over time. When staff input their goals into WIRL, they select an approver that will keep them accountable. That approver will help track goal progress and provide guidance along the way. Team leaders and HR Admins are encouraged to set team and company goals, respectively, so everyone is kept in the loop with higher-level objectives and can tailor their goals towards them.



Want to give feedback, but not sure you feel comfortable enough yet? Ease into feedback by submitting it anonymously. Your identity will be hidden from the feedback receiver and all HR Admins. This feature is completely optional, and can be turned off by the HR Admin at any time.





Holacracy Friendly

WIRL is the only feedback software solution designed with Holacracy-powered organizations in mind. Employees are “Partners” and the position of “Team Leader” is removed. As always, feedback can be provided to and requested from anyone at any time.


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